The Race Hate Crime Awareness Event – 9th February 2018

We applied and got a small grant from Manchester City Council to put on an Awareness Event during Hate Crime Awareness week (5th-11th Feb 2018).

We had 38 people attend the event, the aim of which was to raise awareness, increase reporting and celebrate diversity. We also had 3 volunteers supporting us on the day to help set up, take the register, hand out goody bags, and clear away after the event.

Here you can see the spread of where the attendees came from:

Raise Awareness

Our guest speaker was Shazia Awan, Communities Coordinator from MCC Community Safety Team. Shazia spoke about what Hate Crime is, the current statistics and how to report it. During her talk participants were asking questions and getting involved in the discussion. She highlighted that the way to report hate crimes is through the online reporting portal tool called ‘True Vision’ which can be found by clicking here.

Next was lunch from Mann-Salwa, a halal caterer; lots of people commented on how nice it was. During lunch people had a chance to chat and get to know each other; the centre was a buzz of voices.

Increase Reporting

After lunch our Centre Manager Giselle Bawden spoke led the launch of us becoming a Third Party Reporting Centre (TPRC). The community centre can provide a quiet space for any person who wants to report a Hate Crime where they would be supported by staff to use the online reporting tool. We hope that being able to come to the community centre to report will help the person feel less isolated and more supported by their community. They can access any support and services we offer and/or be signposted to the relevant organisations. Again, during this there was lots of participation and discussions from the attendees.

Celebrate Diversity

Next Fiona Gallagher our Community Development & Volunteer Coordinator led on an interactive “What’s Unique About You” session highlighting the positives of diversity. She asked participants to write on a post-it note what is unique about them, perhaps a hobby or something personal or what they like doing; this celebrated what makes everyone unique and different. Then she grouped together the characteristics and asked all the people from each group to come up to get a photo together. This highlights and celebrates that no matter who we are we are all important and have common ground with other people no matter the difference in cultures or ethnicity.


Lastly we had a free raffle where there were 6 prizes, including a large box of vegetables donated by FareShare!


We asked people to write any feedback they had about the event; here is what they said:

“It’s really need[ed] & helpful information”          “A great lunch a good infor talk”

“I wasn’t’ aware of so many events at this centre. I have been home from work for past few months & I have attended 3. More people in the community should be aware somehow all the events being done here. It has been a very positive experience & awareness. Hopefully people can spread the word. P.S. Food was great”

“Amazing event! :)”                     “Lovely event. Informal and engaging”

“Very good event :)”              “Thank you very much!”


Since the event, one of the participants who works at a local women’s charity in Longsight has called up to report a hate crime. We went through the online procedure and form with her on the phone so she is now confident to use it on her own in the future.


PQASSO Level 1 Quality Standard Achievement

After many months and years hard work, NCA was very proud to receive the PQASSO level 1 quality mark in July 2017.

What is PQASSO?

PQASSO (Practical Quality Assurance System for Small Organisations) is a quality assurance system designed to help small charities run their organisations more effectively and efficiently. It sets out what organisations need to have in place to ensure sound governance practices, financial and risk management procedures, and a robust system for measuring outcomes.

What does this mean for Northmoor Community Association?

By achieving the PQSSO level 1 mark we have successfully demonstrated qualities such as:

  • sound governance, leadership and management
  • well planned, user-centred services which are monitored well
  • robust financial procedures
  • working well within our team, as well as with other organisations
  • focusing on learning and development

The PQASSO Assessor said: “I was particularly impressed in the way NCA have involved users at all stages and the commitment of the Board in their trustee roles and as volunteers”


PQASSO is about continuous improvement and the quality cycle does not stop with achievement of the PQASSO Quality Mark Level 1. We will actively continue to self-assess against the PQASSO indicators for the three years that the award is valid to ensure that there are no major gaps and that good practice is maintained.


Partnership work for GET ONLINE week

Our Next Step project partnered up with Great Places for ‘Get Online’ week.

Residents at Sarah Lodge in Bolton (an Independence and Wellbeing scheme for young parents) were able to take advantage of all the FREE online courses the Next Step project offers.

Because all the courses are online, the residents were able to complete them at their own pace, while also improving their IT skills. They completed Certified courses such as: Paediatric First Aid, Safeguarding, Food Hygiene and Retail Customer Service, all which will look great on their CV!

Nicolette, the Employment and Skills Manager from Great Places, said:

“The partnership work to get this up and running smoothly for residents was amazing and I can’t thank Bradley from Northmoor and Farida from Sarah Lodge enough for supporting and encouraging the learners. The residents have really embraced this opportunity with one of them completing eight courses in four weeks – awesome!”

Mary-Ann, who won a prize for being the first resident to complete a course, said:

“It’s great to refresh my learning and it’s free! I did my two modules bit by bit each evening in the flat when the kids were in bed. I am now keen to look at options to get back into work.”

If you want to GET ONLINE or do some FREE courses, drop in to the

Next Step project 09:30-12:30 Mon, Tues, Thurs or Fri


Northmoor Heritage

Northmoor Community Association are in the process of applying for funding from the National Lottery Heritage fund. The funding will go towards new photography, cooking and arts classes at the centre for anyone to get involved in for free. As part of the application process we visited the cooperative heritage trust to find out more about the building and what it used to be used for…

The Northmoor Community Association building was built in 1912 and was originally a cooperative, part of the Beswick cooperative society.


Macmillan News Winter 2016

Hello again,

Macmillan Solutions Manchester welcomes applications from all members of the community who are       interested in volunteering with us.  We are committed to supporting individuals in the role, developing new and existing skills and ensuring everyone is equipped to support people affected by cancer.

Part of our training in December for volunteers involved a one day course on Emergency First Aid which   included how to act safely in an emergency, treating minor burns, cuts, & bruises, resuscitation methods and using equipment such as a defibrillator – a device that checks the heart rhythm and sends an electric shock to the heart to try to restore a normal rhythm.   This course gave people the confidence and skills needed to save lives, whether this is a family member, friend, neighbour, person affected by cancer or even a total stranger.

Participants are issued with a certificate (approved by the Health and Safety Executive) that entitles them to be an Emergency First Aider in the Workplace for a period of 3 years.

Our training in 2017 begins with the Induction to Volunteering on Saturday 11th February 10a.m.-4p.m. and will be delivered by one of our experienced volunteers Sue, alongside Volunteer Support Workers.  The    induction course takes place every two months and held either at Northmoor or over in Salford at Audacious Church.  There will also be another chance to do the Emergency First Aid.

If you would like to find out more about any of the roles do get in touch with Paula (details below) or look at our new website

At this time of year, people enjoy the gift of ‘Giving’ and Macmillan Solutions Manchester wants to say a BIG THANK YOU to all our volunteers who have spent almost 6000 hours supporting local people affected by cancer this year.  All contributions are much appreciated and valued by us and the people who have been supported over the year.

Another BIG THANK YOU for their generosity goes to one of our partnership teams, Lloyds Bank who have collected, donated and delivered Hampers to some of the people affected by cancer that we have been    supporting across Manchester during 2016.

For further details you can email Paula on or ring/text 07710249207 or pop into Northmoor Community Centre for a chat.  There will be a chance to meet other volunteers at the informal lunch on Wednesday 25th January from 12 noon at Northmoor Community      Centre’s Café so do come along, you will be very welcome.

“Make 2017 a Happier New Year and become a Volunteer” . . . .  DO FEEL FREE TO PASS IT ON!



NCA works closely with an organisation called the Skills Company and takes on many of their students who are on placement. The Skills company has helped thousands of young people and adults improve their lives through Apprenticeships, Traineeships, Higher Education qualifications and Courses for Business. The Skills Company are there to help people, whether they are starting a career journey or looking to improve skills and gain qualifications.

Northmoor Community Centre currently have 4 students from the Skills Company. Each student wrote a short piece about their experience at Northmoor so far. See what they have to say!


Tanya Henry – Reception Volunteer

I feel my Receptionist role at the Northmoor Community Association has been really helping me improve my IT, communication and confidence skills. As my Work Placement  Manager, Sarah from The Skills Company has helped me to get into this role to see how it would be like for me and I’m really happy that she found this for me as it has given me a clearer image of what kind of IT career I would want to do.

I do a lot of Administration work at the Northmoor Community Association, using    different files and papers as that’s the main part I do as a Receptionist, but I do answer the phone to let visitors/volunteers in. Also, if anybody needs specific help with who they need to find or where there need to go as they ask me, I try to help them by giving directions to where they can find the member of staff they need to see or the right    person to help them do what they’re supposed to be doing.

The Employer/Volunteer Manager, Josh, and the staff there have helped me by giving me advice, telling me I’m doing well and seeing that the work I do helps them, and they support me back. This has helped me to develop new skills and keep on improving skills I already had.  I would definitely like to keep doing this for my work placement, as I do enjoy it.


Thomas Constable – Café Volunteer

I do some volunteer work at the Northmoor Community Association working in the café as part of The Skills Company study programme. I have learnt many skills whilst I have been doing my study programme such as working well in a team also doing independent work and following instructions that I have been set.  I have been getting on well with the people here at the Northmoor Community Association and they are giving me helpful tips towards my career of becoming a chef.   The experience is going well it is preparing me towards the future career goals that I have set for myself.   The volunteer work is giving me experience of helping in the kitchen where I help prepare and cook food, and I also get the opportunity to provide my skills and knowledge, I would recommend the Northmoor Community    Association to people who are willing to do volunteer work as they have helped me grow and develop.


Raqeeb Aslam – Credit Union Volunteer

I am on placement while studying at The Skills Company; I’m hoping to get my English GCSE’s at the end. My time at Northmoor Community Bank has been a great experience as I have learnt I lot. For example, how banks work, how people take loans and earn interest. I have also learnt that they help people who avoid getting loans from loan sharks because they’re too expensive. The people there are professional and kind, they welcomed me like any other employee of theirs. The placement was perfect for me as I wanted to get into  finance, and this will contribute to my future aspiration of being a banker or accountant. I am looking forward to continuing the experience in January. I have enjoyed learning about what they do.


Foreida Hussain

In the Northmoor Community Association I have been a bit more confident with different people and enjoy talking with them, showing where their lesson is and asking staff for help for some other thing.

In Northmoor I do an office administration/reception role as a volunteer where I am with the Skills Company doing work experience. The work experience is helping me get skills for a job and getting a reference of with my work experience showing how well I do my administration work, also for my development I have been communicating and team working all the time, and lots of movement when I move around in my little office.

My contribution to Northmoor is sorting the files out and putting them in order, as well as any other tasks, also through my volunteering I hope to learn other transferable skills so I can work in a shop.  I enjoy helping out at Northmoor and think it is a good experience for me.




Spotlight on…

Claudia Martin

I’m a student from Barcelona but I’m spending this academic year in Manchester to finish my degree here, at Manchester Metropolitan University. In Barcelona I was  studying Primary School Education, but this year I’m in the Youth and Community Work degree, which is quite interesting too and it’s well complemented with a       teaching degree.

I decided to come to Manchester because I wanted to come to the United Kingdom to improve my English, which is my third language (in Barcelona we speak Catalan and Spanish), and also to learn another culture and different day-to-day living.


I consider myself as a positive and extroverted person, who always want to learn new things and meet people from around the world. I love travelling and visiting new places. One of my favourite hobbies are horse riding. I use to spend holidays in Pyrenees, and there is where I ride my horse. Also, I love hiking and trekking in the country side.

Moreover, I like chilling as well and spending some time at home Reading, cooking, watching films or just chatting with my flatmates while having a cup of tea.

Here I attach you one of my favourite’s picture about me. It’s on a top of a mountain in the French Pyrenees called Carlit, which is 2921 metres high!

Claudia will be doing her placement at Northmoor  up until May 2017. She will be helping in the community café, parent and toddler group, homework club and more. If you see her, be sure to say hi, or even Hola!

Volunteer celebrations

Northmoor Community Centre involves volunteers in the delivery of all its services, providing opportunities for individuals to contribute their time and skills in many different projects. NCA has over 30 volunteers in the centre, all bringing their own ideas and experience and volunteering in an area they find most interesting and suitable to them.

Volunteering has huge benefits and can be great fun as well as personally rewarding, giving volunteers the opportunity to embrace new challenges, develop their skills and gain a great sense of achievement. We don’t have a typical volunteer at Northmoor as different people get involved for different reasons. Whether it’s the desire to help others, the need for work experience, the chance to meet new people or an interest in learning new skills, there are as many benefits as there are volunteers.

It is NCA’s ambition to make sure that anyone who gives their time to us feels valued, respected and proud to be a part of Northmoor Community Association. On Wednesday 6th July 2016 Northmoor Community Association held a volunteer celebrations event where all volunteers had a chance to have some food and drink, meet other volunteers at the centre and enjoy some well earnt relaxation time! As well as this all volunteers received a certificate to say thank you for their hard work and dedication.

Thank you to all the volunteers who help at NCA and everyone who has helped to shape the organisation it is today.