There are many ways that you can help Northmoor Community Association.

Donate TIMEVolunteering your time is very valuable. You may want to become a fundraiser volunteer and organise events, or you may want to volunteer each week in one of your services which enables them to stay running successfully for the local residents.

Donate SHOES – We have a United Shoe recycling point in the Centre and Launderette; bring in your unwanted shoes and they will be redistributed to people who need them. We get £5 for every full bag we collect.

Donate MOBILE PHONES – Through Recycle4Charity we can receive up to £70 for each phone brought in to the Centre or Launderette

Donate PRINTER CARTRIDGES – Through Recycle4Charity we can receive £1 for each Printer inkjet cartridge and £5 for Laser/Toner cartridge brought in to the Centre or Launderette.

Donate PRIZES – We accept donations of items that can be used as prizes in the Friendship Group, at Fundraisers and at Volunteer Celebrations. Examples could be: a box of chocolates, a gift set or a voucher.

Donate MONEY

ONLINE – One way to donate money is through our ‘My Donate’ page, click on the icon to donate: 

CASH – You can bring in notes and coins into the Centre or Launderette

CHEQUE – You can bring in cheques made payable to ‘Northmoor Community Association’ to the Centre or Launderette



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