Promoting Health and Wellbeing

Then and Now

(Group poem by the poetry class at St Luke’s)


I used to watch Jeremy Kyle

But now I stroll in the park

I used to drink too much beer

But now I drink tea instead

I used to eat too much chocolate

But now I enjoy a healthy diet

I used to get the bus everywhere

But now I like to walk

I used to sit and watch too much TV

But I now like going out

I used to play bingo

But now I do tai chi

I used to spend all my time on my own

But now I come to St Luke’s instead

I used to be a really bad cook

But now I’ve improved a lot

I used to throw lots of food away

But now I’m more economical

I used to do things without thinking

But now I use more common sense

I used to make so many mistakes

But now I’ve learned from my life experience



-Special thanks to Nigel Wood and all the poets at St Luke’s Centre-

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