Please Support Us

The charity is constantly developing the services and projects we provide to help the local disadvantaged community and for this we rely on the good nature of many different people. We would like to thank all the Individuals and organisations that have helped us to raise funds over the years to keep the Northmoor Community Centre and Social Enterprise Community Laundrette open.

Vital hubs like ours are being asked to do more with less resources as a direct result of a combination of factors including years of austerity, government funding cuts, welfare changes, services going digital by default and Brexit. Sadly in disadvantaged communities like ours poverty levels are increasing whilst essential services are being cut or lost. 

In order to manage and provide the range of supportive services and projects from these vital hubs which are more often than not a lifeline for people, we need £246,000 per annum to survive. Supporting over 1355 people per year this works out to £181.54 per person per year or £15,12 per person per month.

We are accountable for every penny that is invested into our services and projects and are extremely grateful to those who support these vital community hubs as without them there would be another 1355 disadvantaged people not being able to access the face to face support needed at a time where the government is focused on Brexit and grassroots charities like ours face extreme pressure to meet with widening gaps in service provision.    

If you would like to donate to our good causes, there are many different ways you can support us.

Donate Directly (coming soon to the website!)

  1. Send us a cheque to ‘Northmoor Community Association’ through the post.
  2. Put money into the donation boxes placed in our Community Diner.
  3. Make a secure online payment using Paypal (you do not need a Paypal account).

Donate as a Company

  1. Give resources
  2. Corporate sponsorship
  3. Choose us as your Charity of the Year
  4. Sponsor a charity activity
  5. Volunteer your staff

Donate in the Community

  1. Spread the word of the charity to others, they may want to help or may know someone who would like to access our services

If you have other ideas of how to contribute to the charity or would like to help raise money please Contact Us.

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