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I started to feel lonely and depressed, at Northmoor I was made to feel welcome and was encouraged to do an online course…


Annual Survey Results

NCA Annual Evaluation 2018 results (link will open in a new tab) – results from 100 people surveyed

NCA Annual Evaluation 2017 results (link will open in a new tab) – results from 104 people surveyed

2018 Survey comments according to project

Stay and Play

“…my kids improve…”

“My daughter build their confidence and enjoy”

“…my child felt encouraged to play with other children”

Next Step

“Free courses has given [me] more confidence”

“I am very happy; Northmoor Community Centre good work helping the people”

“great community centre, very much needed in our area… [I have been] given support when I needed it”

“I have learnt so many new skills on cputing and technical issues…I think the people of Longsight are so lucky to be able to access all [the centre] has to offer J”


“I improve [my] skills…[I am] more confident…[I] meet new people”

“Friendly community…[I am] able to improve my skills for jobs”

“I have made new friends and experience[s]”

Youth Can Do homework club

“[I have improved] my English skills, becoming more confident speaking English”

“It is a great place to do homework and there are lots of facilities available…it is easier andf is more efficents to do homework here”

“it is an amazing place that offer a huge range of resources for different age groups. Many of the things they offer are useful to local people”

“I have been supported by the maths teacher which meant I have become better, also I have made several pieces of homework that are up in my school for display”

“it helps me with me homework” – 8 years old

“they are very nice and help us to get our homework done on time”

Northmoor Community Diner

“The [Diner] is a real asset to the community and is helpful for everyone. It is a safe environment for everyone”

“Nice atmosphere and food good every week”

“Really good customer service… [it] makes the community come together as a family”

“[I] have enjoyed a café experience without te cost on dayts I don’t havwe the money. [I feel] part of the community”

“Love that it’s affordable, clean, delicious food and local”

Friendship Group

“[I] look forward to meeting people each week”

“meeting new people and getting out more”

2017 Survey comments according to project

Next Step

I feel confident applying for a job at the centre and know that if I am unsure how to do something, help is at hand.”

Next Step project has helped improve my computer skills to enable me to search for a job… I have made some new friends and know most of the people since attending the centre.”

Using the Next Step has benefited me by helping to solve my problems…thanks.”

I have benefited from using Next Step as it has helped me to make CV and find the jobs.”

I use Next Step to look for job…I got to know how to use computer.”

“[you could improve by having] longer hours”

Café/MacMillan/Friendship Group

“[I use the] café and Macmillan solutions….Yes [I have benefited] build my confidence and experience.”

[I use the] community café… the volunteer cooks are lovely and make you feel really welcome. Great atmosphere at the centre and food!!!”

“[using the Friendship Group is] enjoyable (meeting people) getting out the flat.”

Homework Club/Credit Union

“[I use the] homework club [and] youth club…. I became more confident and better in maths and English.”

“[I use the] Homework Club…. I have improved my maths grade.”

“[using the credit union I benefitted by having] saved and borrowed money.”


“[I have benefited from using the laundrette by] meeting new people and getting out of the house”

“[I have benefited from using the laundrette] overall due to having a community centre, this is a great support”

“[I get] tea and coffee, occasionally wash and dry clothes…. I have got to know local people like not before”

“It was my first time in England and did not know what to do to clean my laundry, the ladies were helpful and friendly”

“[I have benefited from using the laundrette by] meeting people and making new friends”

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