Naureen’s Story

Naureen Ali, 46 – October 2019

Four weeks ago I moved from down south for a better life in Manchester. After one week I started to feel lonely and depressed; I had left my friends family, job and my house to go to a big place I didn’t know.
I decided to explore the community centres, leisure centres, and libraries. I visited other community centres but Northmoor was the most welcoming. I walked into Northmoor Community and the first thing I noticed was the colourful posters and friendly staff who did not judge me for being from down south. I was made to feel welcome, and was encouraged to do an online training course. The more I came the more I felt like part of a family.
 Meeting other people and coming into the Next Step project enabled me to develop my social life and my confidence slowly grew.

“I no longer feel alone. My family, Northmoor Community, is the place to be.”

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