About Us

About Us

Northmoor Community Association (NCA) is an independent charity  set up by the local community in 2000, based in Longsight, Manchester; it is made up of two parts: Northmoor Community Centre and Northmoor Hub.
NCA is run with an emphasis on relieving poverty, promoting health & wellbeing, advancing skills & learning and enhancing the quality of life for the people who engage with us and use our services – this is a reflection of our mission and volunteer designed and community endorsed logo.
Today the NCA is an integral part of a diverse community that is tackling multi levels of deprivation and we fulfil our mission by offering a wide range of services and activities for all ages, all of which are delivered by a dedicated team of staff and volunteers who have a variety of skills and knowledge.
The majority of services we offer are free of charge so we rely on many different sources of funding to keep the services open; we also host a range of other free services that are delivered by other local charities or partner organisations.

Our Mission, Vision and Values


“To help improve the quality of life for people living, working or volunteering within the neighbourhood of Northmoor; relieving poverty, promoting health & wellbeing, advancing skills & learning and providing locally accessible welcoming community facilities for all”


The N.C.A’s vision for the neighbourhood of Northmoor is one of a thriving diverse vibrant community in which the N.C.A acts as a catalyst in partnership with other community and voluntary organisations, to engage with the local community for the provision of local facilities, local employment and community activity.


The core values underpin our mission, include a belief that:
– The N.C.A is open and inclusive
– The N.C.A is dedicated to its aims and mission
– The N.C.A is responsive to need
– The N.C.A is independent and community led

Quality Assurance

In 2017 we achieved PQASSO Level 1. PQASSO (Practical Quality Assurance System for Small Organisations) is a quality assurance system designed to help small charities run their organisations more effectively and efficiently.  Read our story here: PQASSO Level 1

In 2019 we were so proud to have achieved the Investing in Volunteers award for good practice in volunteer management. Having it shows that our volunteers feel recognised and proud and is proof that we are doing things right. Read our story here: Investing in Volunteers


We have a duty of care to safeguard the children and adults at risk that use our services. NCA embeds Safeguarding into everything we do by having in places procedures that aim to reduce the risk of harm or abuse that every staff and volunteer follows.
We raise awareness that “Safeguarding is everyone’s responsibility”.
Click here to see the main types of abuse.

History of Northmoor

Please click here to view the full history of Northmoor

History of the building

The building that is the home to Northmoor Community Association was built originally by the cooperative society in 1912. It was part of the Beswick Co-op that would create co-ops wherever they could see a potential profit instead of staying within their geographical boundaries. Good news for Northmoor as we ended up with this beautiful building to call our own and it’s impressive enough to have been classed as a Grade II listed building in 1994. The local landmark was celebrated in 2013 with a party to mark its centenary year.
The building itself was originally designed for commercial use with a department store on the ground floor boasting five departments including a butchers, shoes and boots, a drapery and a grocery. On the first floor there was a meeting room that was large enough to host dances with live music. Its inaugural event was an exhibition by the Co-operative Workers Society that also included a recital by the C.W.S. orchestra of Balloon Street; it was reported to have been a great success. It was also used for community events such as the Crowcroft Bowls Club prize-giving ceremony in 1914.
Northmoor Road was called North Road at the time the building was in use as a co-operative and was developed between 1899 and 1930’s. The area around Northmoor Road has undergone significant change in recent years. Unfortunately it suffered a steady decline after its heyday of the 1950’s and by the time of the new millennium, the building and the surrounding area were in much need of redevelopment.

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