Partners and Funders

We’ve been working with the Northmoor Community Centre for over 10 years. They work with the local community providing a whole family service. They provide homework and curriculum support for students, employment and skill support for adults. and health and well being support for the whole family. This has helped build a social cohesion locally.

The community diner is not only a source of training for those working in the kitchen, it provides nourishing food at a ‘donation’ cost to residents and had gone a long way in reducing social isolation for many. Northmoor community Association are an asset to Longsight and the surrounding area. 

Central Work and Skills And Neibourhood Teams May 2019

With over 500 homes in Northmoor and Longsight, Great places is proud to work with NCA as part of our continued commitment to improving and regenerating the area. The services provided by the NCA are varied and inclusive and with local residents at the heart of its delivery, it is a lifeline to many of our customers. NCA plays a significant part of our vision for the neighborhood and we look forward to many more years of what has been an impactful partnership.  

Rosie Longden, Head of Community Investment, Great places Housing  Group June 2019 

The Macmillan Solutions project has worked with Northmoor Community Association for over 12 years now to deliver practical and emotional support to people affected by cancer.  We do this by recruiting, training and supporting local volunteers who provide transport, befriending, shopping, gardening, phone support and other help to people affected by cancer.

NCA are a trusted organisation within the community, and this has helped us to recruit great local volunteers and get referrals from health and social care services in the area.  NCA staff are always professional, knowledgeable responsive and flexible.  They are very easy to work with and our project has really benefitted from this partnership approach. Their services and ours are complimentary, with the people affected by cancer we support being able to access, social groups, the diner, classes, Northmoor Community Hub and other support services based at Northmoor Community Centre.  We are united in delivering quality services to local residents that best meet their needs. I hope that our partnership continues for many more years

Jacqui Naraynsingh, Macmillan Solutions, December 2022

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