Our Logo

History of our Community Logo

In early 2015 Northmoor Community Association embarked on the quality assurance PQASSO level 1. This meant that the organisation was literally turned upside and every aspect of what we do and who we are was scrutinised including our website and logo.

There was clear recognition that our logo did not mean much to our service users, the community, volunteers, stakeholders and staff. It did not reflect our purpose, vision, aims or objectives.

Four volunteers using their creative skills designed different logos taking into consideration our vision and purpose careful to ensure that the many services, projects and themes were reflected within the new logo.

The final 4 designs were voted on by the community, service users, stakeholders, staff and volunteers with the most voted design being developed into what we have today.

This journey of development involved and gave a voice to the community and volunteers from the outset with their chosen logo which now has so much more meaning and reflects our mission.

Our Logo centres around 4 key objectives of NCA.

Below are the 4 objectives embedded within our logo and our projects that aim to meet them.

Advancing Skills and Learning

Relieving Poverty

Promoting Health and Wellbeing

Quality of Life

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