Volunteering in our Charity – a Volunteer Story

I was born in Pakistan and moved to the UK 6 years ago and now live in Longsight. I am currently studying in The Manchester College doing computer science as well as working part time. Doing a work placement is part of my course and since December 2018 I have been volunteering 3 hours a week in NCA’s Next Step project in Longsight. Lots of people come here for support; I have been helping plots of people with their Universal Credit and Manchester Move applications.

Doing my placement in the NCA Charity has taught me lots of skills such as dealing with people’s problems face to face and finding the best solution for them. It helped me to build more confidence and talk to people more openly so I can help them with what they need. I have also done admin and receptionist tasks such as data entry and dealing with enquiries.

By being a volunteer in the NCA Charity I have learned lots of different things such as how to access public services, how to be a good problem solver and using my computer science skills to show residents of Longsight and beyond how to use the computer.

Muhammad Farooq, 20 years old

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