Tescos donate to our Northmoor Community Laundrette

THANK YOU so much to Mummz, the Community Champion of the Tescos Extra in Stretford for your donation.

Mummz visited us in November to donate surplus stock, from fabric softener to sweets to biscuits. It’s acts like this that make a big difference to our Community Laundrette

Northmoor Community Laundrette is a Social Enterprise, this means that we are a business with an aim to help the community. The money we make goes into staff wages, utility bills, products, repairs and maintenance. Any profit we make goes back into the Northmoor Community Association (NCA) to be reinvested into free services for the community.

Each year our costs increase and do not want to raise our prices. Based on what the laundrette makes we will soon not be able to cover our costs, which means we would have to close.

We need your support to keep your Laundrette open – we are hoping to raise £10,000 this year.

How can you help?
* Donate to the Save Our Laundrette cause – please choose Gift Aid so we get an extra 25% added on to your donation at no extra cost to you. (You do not need a Total Giving or Paypal account to donate)
* Use the Laundrette and all our extra services (Hot drinks, internet
* Tell other people about the Laundrette
* Like us on Facebook
* Write a review on Google or Facebook
To see more about the cause please watch this video:


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